Our restaurant management system provides single or multi-outlet restauranteurs with a comprehensive solution that is intended to maximise profits by making online reservations and their management easy, while at the same time putting the maintenance of website content firmly in their hands.

Supporting unlimited table reservations for much less than competing providers in the space is possible because we developed, and maintain all the systems in-house.

The system provides the restauranteur with the capability to manage table reservations from the time the patron books on the website until such time they are seated in the restaurant. It provides the ability to mark reservations as being related to special events for the patron, and allow your staff to react accordingly.

Gefain can quickly integrate the reservation system into your existing website, or can deliver a turn-key website with design, installation and hosting services.

The system also supports the opt-in signup to marketing via text message or email, all managed from the administration application (see Administration section)


reservation screen

The reservation system provides the following features:

  • Online reservations directly from your website
  • Back-office application capability to manage reservations
  • Front-of-house application to manage reservations, arrivals, no-shows and to manage free table space both proactively and reactively
  • Ability to classify reservations with various categories so as to provide staff with knowledge of special occasions, reservations related to specials etc.
  • Ability to see at a glance occupancy, waiting patrons, seated parties and no-shows
  • Movement of reservations between tables, spreading parties across multiple tables (joins), blocking of timeslots, or tables for an entire day


The administration application is intended to be used by the back-office to manage all the visual aspects of the website and the operational parameters for the system.

This includes

  • Defining opening days and times, and specifying block-out dates.
  • Defining information text that is displayed on the front page of the website.
  • Defining and maintaining menus and menu items.
  • Defining and maintaining tables, their sizes and configurations.
  • Managing the loyalty program.

The set of features and capabilities that this application provides is growing all the time, and if you see something that you need we are not providing - please reach out and let us know.


Please fill in the form below and we will be in contact to set up an online demonstration, or a visit to discuss your requirements.