Gefain was established with the express purpose of changing people's lives in as many ways as possible - but always for the better.

As a firm proponent of digital solutions to everyday business problems, Gefain is dedicated to making a real difference to people by enhancing their work or play life through targeted solutions.

Besides providing online solutions accessible from any device, Gefain can also provide cost-effective consulting-led using your existing information technology assets, or by assisting with the selection and evaluation of new assets.


Gefain provides the following solutions to businesses:

Consulting Services

Gefain can assist with all aspects of digital and computer software adoption.

This includes - but is not limited to:

  • Digital strategies, including online presence and online stores
  • Independent project or architectural oversight of software implementations/system integration - regardless of size
  • Evaluation of software solutions from third parties to help you make the best choice for your business

Digital Solutions

Gefain can help you take your business online - with purpose built websites and web applications. This includes:

  • Online presence and promotion
  • Evaluation and procurement of online software solutions to run your business
  • Bespoke web applications for your specific business needs


Gefain provides a vehicle for me to deliver effective services and solutions to whomever needs them. Leveraging over 30 years in the computer industry - across medical, retail, banking, manufacturing and utilities - I have a broad range of experience and knowledge that I can bring to bear on your problems.

Whether it is just serving as a sounding board for ideas, or providing guidance where you are unsure of which course of action to take - I am available.

And should you not be able to find a solution to your very specific problem - I have the necessary expertise and relationships to provide you with additional options.